Lili Reinhart takes her dog for a cartoon!


Lili Reinhart, ex of Cole Sprouse, has let it be known through her Instagram account that she takes her dog for a cartoon

The presidential election in the USA ended a few days ago. Joe Biden was elected to the delight of American people. Indeed, the latter were supporters of the Democratic candidate and have always expressed their “disgust” for Donald Trump. Now, Lili Reinhart, ex of Cole Sprouse, will be able to return to a normal life and enjoy her dog.

If anyone is wondering why we think the actress is going to be able to “rest”, rest assured, we will explain everything to you. As we let you know, many peoples gave of their person during this election.

Whether it’s to get their followers to vote, say all the “good” things about their current president, or praise Joe Biden. On this subject, the ex of Cole Sprouse was just making it known on her social networks:

“If you are a Trump supporter you may be offended by my celebration of Biden’s victory as President. But that marks the end of 4 years of hatred, white supremacy and misogyny. You can feel free to stop following me. It does not bother me “.

So you will understand, last Sunday, the ex of Cole Sprouse was on a cloud.


After this newfound happiness, the pretty blonde was able to enjoy her day, the people she loves, and her little dog. Those who follow the Riverdale actress will already know that she turns out to be totally crazy about her pooch.

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As you can see above, ex-Cole Sprouse just proved it once again. This time around, thus displaying her  furball in her story, as usual, indicating that he looked like a cartoon.

To be honest, we don’t really know where the animal’s resemblance lies, and a cartoon character. Maybe Lili Reinhart could also have enlightened us a little more on the subject and given us clues?

Never mind ! Cole Sprouse’s ex seems convinced of her idea. Well, if her dog can bring him happiness with each passing day, that is the most important. Whether he looks like a cartoon or not.


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