Lili Reinhart takes advantage of confinement to find herself!


On her Instagram account, Lili Reinhart shared messages where she confided that she had taken advantage of the confinement to find herself!

Since containment was born, Lili Reinhart has appeared closer to her fans on social media. The one who is fairly discreet about her private life did not hesitate to reveal her feelings and thoughts to her fans.

This Thursday, May 14, Lili Reinhart posted a long message in Story from her Instagram account. The beautiful blonde revealed that she took advantage of the confinement to find herself. She now wants to take care of herself.

Lili Reinhart explained to her fans: “I literally laughed so hard that I pulled something in my neck. I tend to be a half empty glass. But I had a wonderful time during this 40 shit. ”

Cole’s sweetheart also revealed, “And I’m thankful for that. This past year has been incredibly overwhelming. I felt overworked, very stressed, depressed, etc. etc. It has been a very rare experience to stay in one place for a long period of time. ”

Lili Reinhart also added: “No travel, no alarm clock, no work. And I am very grateful to the men and women of this country. They risk their lives every day to continue the fight against the virus. ”

The young woman also said, “I mean I don’t take this time for granted. And those of us who are fortunate enough to be safe at home should take this opportunity to focus on our mental health. ”

Finally, the Riverdale actress concluded, “Because it generally goes unnoticed. May is mental health awareness month. Do not delegitimize your emotions during this time. Your feelings deserve attention and validation. “


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