Lili Reinhart struggled with her weight during the filming of “Riverdale”


Lili Reinhart (26) has been going through difficult times in recent months. The actress is very open about the topic of mental health. She continues to talk to her community about depression and panic attacks, which she has struggled with since childhood. The American woman also has problems with body image. Now Lily has revealed that her weight made her especially difficult during the filming of the last season of Riverdale.

In an interview with Scan My Brain, a 26-year-old girl admitted that she constantly compares her current body with the body of a teenager. Lily has gained a little weight in the last few months. During the filming of the new season of Riverdale, she felt very uncomfortable because of weight gain on the set. “I could hardly think of anything else. All thoughts revolved around my weight,” the blonde continued. But she’s better now.

Actress Betty Cooper has proven over and over again how important it is to take care of your mental health. That is why she regularly appeals to her community to speak openly on this topic. “Normalize it. Show compassion to others. Show compassion and kindness,” Lily wrote, for example, in her Instagram post in January last year.


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