Lili Reinhart shocked by the death of George Floyd


George Floyd. Another victim of racism in the United States. Actress Lili Reinhart is in shock. So she expressed herself on Instagram

The death of George Floyd caused a stir. It shocked the whole world. Actress Lili Reinhart is devastated by the death caused by the police. So she paid tribute to him on Instagram.

This affair saddens the whole world! No one will forget the excruciating suffering in which George Floyd died.

“Atrocious! This word is so weak to describe the situation. The whole planet then wonders how such a death can still exist in 2020.

In an era of evolution and change, racism is still present. Black Americans are very often the target of white supremacists.

This is the case of Ahmaud Arbery, 25, who was recently killed while jogging. The reason ? His skin color !

Three months later, the situation is repeated with George Floyd. The poor man was killed live on Facebook Live.


After being arrested and then pinned to the ground, a police officer prevented him from breathing by placing his knee on his neck. George Floyd repeatedly said that he was having trouble breathing.

“I’m not breathing anymore, I’m suffocating, stop …”. Passers-by kept asking the policeman to let him breathe. But the latter took great pleasure in killing him.

This is a serious situation. The Net surfers thus followed on line the last moments of life of this poor man. What pain, what injustice!

Lili Reinhart is therefore in shock. She keeps sharing this business. On her Instagram account, she posted several photos, including one with the following message:

“It’s so hard to watch. I can’t believe this still happens today. “This is what bothers Lili Reinhart the most! The years pass but racism remains very present.

And the list of victims continues to grow. Lili Reinhart can’t take it anymore!

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