Lili Reinhart has a romantic movie date


The actress and her pet recreated a cute scene from The Lady and the Tramp for a video on Instagram.

The actress shared a tender moment with her pet while both enjoyed a dinner in the style of the Lady and the tramp , as they even recreated the iconic scene from this Disney movie.

Through her Instagram account , the young actress has kept her followers updated regarding some of her activities during the quarantine, time she has spent in the company of Milo , her adorable puppy.

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My real life very own tiny son.

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This time, Lili shared a video in her stories where she and Milo are sitting ready to enjoy dinner, she takes a piece of the pasta on her plate and places it in her mouth, then takes the opposite end and gives it to her. Milo, who could not take her eyes off this appetizer.

Slowly each ate part of this piece until they were close, at which point Milo took a soft bite of her food and walked away. The actress smiled at the action of her pet and ended the video .

Lili Reinhart was recently involved in a series of rumors about the state of her relationship with fellow actor Cole Sprouse , so seeing her happy at home gave reassurance to her fans who had expressed their concern for the girl.

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