Lili Reinhart (Riverdale) impressed by an international star, her adorable secrets

You may not have known it, but Lili Reinhart is impressed by a big star and her secrets about her are simply adorable.

If Lili is better known for her role as Betty Cooper in the Riverdale series , the career of the young woman does not stop there and the latter has since shown her multiple talents as an actress.

The proof, Lili Reinhart joined Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez in the casting of Hustlers , a film released in 2019 of which she is not very proud. But if the experience was rewarding for the pretty blonde, it remains no less striking and for good reason. Cole Sprouse’s sweetheart couldn’t hide her admiration for JLo with whom she shared the screen and her secrets about her co-star are as funny as they are adorable.

It was during an interview for Paper Magazine that Lili Reinhart revealed the details of her meeting with Jennifer Lopez: “Usually, celebrities do not impress easily. So I just tried to watch like my co-star ” she said before continuing ” But you know, sometimes we filmed and suddenly I was like ‘She was a judge on the American Idol show that I was watching’, ‘She sang Jenny from the Block ‘,’ Oh! She made this movie with Richard Gere, Shall We Dance? ‘, I grew up watching it. Sometimes it came back to my mind and I thought’ Oh my god, this person is actually with me for so long ‘”. Too cute ! For always more news about Lili Reinhart, this adorable clue reassures fans and proves that she and Cole Sprouse are still in love.

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