Lili Reinhart Reveals a Preview of Her Book of Poems


The actress knows that it is the month of love and I publish a little of what will come in her poems, exciting her fans more.

This is how the actress, Lili Reinhart , gave her fans a preview of one of the poems, in which she talks about the heaviness of the heart when she gives herself the opportunity to love.

In an Instagram post, the actress put a picture of a little of what will come in her book , which is called ‘ Swimming Lessons: Poems ‘ and put as a caption :

“In honor of Valentine’s Day here is a little of what is inside my book , which goes on sale on May 5”

The poem says:

‘My heart feels heavy today

But not worth it. You feel full or bloated

It’s as if I discovered a new compartment inside me

With all this space to fill. And I’m filling it easily with you ‘

The image has more than 781 likes and more than 3 thousand comments, where her fans quickly asked her ‘Why hadn’t she put a picture with Cole Sprouse?’ or comments like ‘you really inspire me’, ‘I hope that soon is the date to buy your book ‘.

Her poems are defined as: ‘The exploration of the euphoric beginnings of young love , fighting against anxiety and depression in the face of fame, and the inevitable lack of love that arises from passion, but deeply intimate, provocative but comforting, the size of a bite but deep


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