Lili Reinhart reveals her character in Riverdale!


During an interview with Stephen Colbert in “The Late Show”, Lili Reinhart gave some info about her character in Riverdale.

Lili Reinhart takes on new responsibilities in Season 5 of Riverdale, which is scheduled to air later this month.

Riverdale took an odd turn in Season 3. Indeed, Betty and Jughead’s brother Charles visited them and introduced himself as an FBI agent, tasked with destroying The Farm. He also revealed that Alice Cooper was not influenced by a character like we imagined. However, season 5 should be the darkest chapter of the series.

This Tuesday, January 12, Lili Reinhart was the guest of Stephen Colbert in The Late Show. During this interview, she gave some info about her role in Riverdale.

Thus, her character (Betty Cooper) would have a new job… surprising! She would therefore have followed in her mother’s footsteps and joined the FBI.

“My character Betty Cooper will be working as an FBI intern, which is very exciting,” she exclaimed. This is an idea that seems to thrill Lili Reinhart!

So Betty Cooper will continue to break into homes and search hundreds of files, but legally this time. Therein lies all the difference.


The next season of Riverdale will show the teens heading to prom. As bizarre as it sounds, this will be a first for Lili Reinhart.

Also during her interview with Stephen Colbert, the young woman shared a fond memory of her childhood, very personal. “I unfortunately started online school at the age of 16 so I had to focus on acting.” She explained in order to justify the fact that I had never been danced at the high school.

“I saw all of my friends going to the ball from a distance. I wasn’t too angry because I figured I was going to have lots of opportunities to wear great dresses on red carpets, “Lili Reinhart thinks. “And luckily it happened,” she adds with a smile on her face.

But let’s not forget that the latter could never have played in this series. And never participate in the ball. Indeed, when she auditioned for the first time, through a videotape, the latter was turned away. But no surprise. The actress herself admits that she hasn’t applied too much.

“It doesn’t surprise me, because I was in a place of myself when I recorded this,” she said.

But Lili Reinhart is proof that stubbornness always pays off. So we’re very happy to have him in the Riverdale series. And we can’t wait to see Season 5!


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