Lili Reinhart reveals all her tips to have the best selfies


Do you want to know the best tips to take a selfie ?, Lili Reinhart tells you how to have incredible photos. The actress Lili Reinhart revealed their best secrets to take amazing pictures .

Lili Reinhart is one of the highest paid and most popular Hollywood celebrities of the moment, also a writer, she is a girl full of talents and great artistic skills. The Cleveland , Ohio , native is a very creative artist.

The actress from the series Riverdale always looks fantastic in her interactions with her fans and in her social media posts, where she has a lot of influence thanks to the fact that she has always distinguished herself for her activism.

Lili recently spoke to ELLE magazine in its United States edition, where she revealed her quarantine beauty routine , her upcoming projects and shared with the public her best tips for taking selfies.

Reinhart explained that she currently uses almost no makeup at all, only exfoliates her skin from time to time so her pores are fresh and helps her skin be healthy and clean without the need for other products.

The author of the book ‘Swimming Lessons ‘ said that she always does her best to take selfies and post them on her social networks, a trick she uses to look more radiant is to apply a little highlighter on the high areas of her face to give her a special touch to your face.

Currently, Lili is ambassador of honor brand makeup Cover Girl, so one of their favorite products is the Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick, a highlighter with glitter that gives your skin a very special texture.

As a last tip for a good selfie , Lili Reinhart added that she never takes a picture if the lighting in the place is poor, be it natural or artificial light, the actress always tries to find the ideal place to get a good image.

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