Lili Reinhart: her very moving conversation with Ivirlei Brookes!


Lili Reinhart wants to be very committed against racism. The star gave the floor to Ivirlei Brookes on Instagram and the fans loved it.

In recent days, Lili Reinhart highlights many black personalities on Instagram. The actress gave the floor to Ivirlei Brookes.

Lili Reinhart made a name for herself by playing in the Riverdale series. The actress has been in Betty’s shoes for over four years. Besides, she loves her character and gets along very well with her co-stars.

The actress has been in a relationship for several years with Cole Sprouse. The latter had met on the set of Riverdale. However, before the confinement, they ended their story and the fans are very sad for them.

Lili Reinhart is very discreet about her love stories. Thus, the star refused to speak on this subject and she did not formalize their breakup. Instead, she prefers to talk about something more serious.

Since the death of George Floyd, Lili has come a long way. Thus, she is committed against racism and she wants to show everyone that she supports blacks. As a result, the star puts several personalities forward.


Several days ago, Lili Reinhart supported Vanessa Morgan. Indeed, the actress seems to be paid less than her Riverdale co-stars when she went regular. Then, Lili did not hesitate to give the floor to Ashanti Bromfield, who plays Melody in the series.

The actress also featured young activist Mari Copeny on Instagram. They exchanged a beautiful speech and Lili also made a videoconference with Ivirlei Brookes. It seems that the two actresses know each other very well!

In the video, Lili Reinhart and Ivirlei Brookes talk about the Black Lives Matter. The two actresses hope to bring a little tolerance and see the end of racism all over the world. In any case, the fans really liked the video and Lili did a very nice interview.


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