Lili Reinhart is teasing a prop for an upcoming episode!


Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart unveiled a spoiler on Instagram that will be featured in the Season 5 sequel and fans are thrilled.

Lili Reinhart shared a photo of an object from the Riverdale Plateau. An accessory that fans immediately recognized.

The Riverdale series is still breaking audience records. Even though the story has gone a bit all over the place. Indeed the adventures of Betty, Archie, Veronica and Jughead still fascinate as much. And it must be said that season 5 is rich in emotion.

So after high school the group of friends broke up. And everyone was able to find their way. Army soldier, writer, FBI agent, business woman… The 7-year time jump allowed the protagonists to rebuild their lives outside of Riverdale.

But with the city under threat, the old friends have decided to meet at Pop’s and face those who want to destroy it. Because distance won’t stop them from saving what they hold most dear. The place that gave birth to their friendship.

A friendship on screen just like in real life. Indeed, the cast is very close and does not hesitate to share their moments of complicity on social networks. What enchants the fans who love to see this complicity.

But the actors don’t just share photos of themselves. They sometimes give little clues about the rest of the series. And that’s what Lili Reinhart did.


Lili Reinhart therefore posted a story unlike any other last night. In fact, on February 23, the Riverdale actress shared a photo of a very special necklace. Would she have posted a spoiler by accident? Impossible.

A silver cross in a very Gothic style. And the fans recognized him right away. This is the same jewelry that Alice Smith, Betty’s mother, wore in a Season 3 episode.

This episode titled “Midnight Club” is a fan favorite. Because it features the parents of the characters when they were young. And the script also refers to the cult film of the 1990s “The Breakfast Club”.

A vintage nod to Riverdale’s parents who rose to prominence in period series. Like “Beverly Hills, 90210!” “For Luke Perry or in” Twin Peaks “for Mädchen Amick. Yep, the episode is filled with references and looks from those years.

That’s why this necklace is so important to Riverdale fans. And one thing is certain, Lili Reinhart wants to put the cover back. In fact, she wrote in the caption “a little spoiler for my Riverdale fans, we can see this necklace again in episode 12”.

Will the fans therefore be entitled to a new flashback episode in this season 5? The opportunity to see Alice Smith in her iconic rock look from her youth.


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