Lili Reinhart finds herself very supported after coming out


Pretty actress Lili Reinhart comes out and receives a wave of support! We give you more details.

The day before yesterday, Lili Reinhart came out! A big announcement that surprised many.

No one expected it. This is an announcement that comes after his separation from Cole Sprouse.

Indeed, the star couple of the Riverdale series broke up some time ago. Besides, Lili Reinhart remained very discreet after their separation.

Now, the young woman comes out of her silence and speaks. But surprise, this is not to talk about her separation but for an even more important announcement!

And yes, the pretty actress has just come out. A very surprising announcement for his community.

No one expected it! However, the young woman received a lot of support from her fans.


It is therefore in this month of pride, devoted to the LGBTQ + cause that the pretty woman has chosen to come out. Indeed, Lili Reinhart who is very close to her community decided to share the news.

Besides, she also announced that she was participating in the LGBTQ + demonstration for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. An initiative welcomed by its fans.

After this very personal public announcement, the young woman received a large number of support messages on social networks. A wave of support that makes him very happy.

“Lili Reinhart who announces that she is bi on LGBTQ pride day! I have so much love and respect for this woman, ”a fan wrote to her on Twitter. “I’m so proud of her and not just for her announcement, but for HOW she announced it,” said another fan of the actress.

As you can see, the news was welcomed with open arms. Real happiness for Lili Reinhart.


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