Lili Reinhart feels like a prisoner in Riverdale


Lili Reinhart confesses that she feels in a prison after traveling to Canada to record “Riverdale”. It seems that the actress has had enough of her quarantine and although she did resume her work on the CW youth series this trip might not be of much help to Lili. The cast of Riverdale is ready to resume the activities of season 5, new mysteries and new challenges for the actors are approaching.


According to an interview for Nylon magazine, Lili Reinhart will spend the last months of the year trapped with “Riverdale”, as the production will record the last episodes of season 4 to start with the fifth, so they will even miss important dates such as Christmas and the actress regrets not being able to see her family during that time.

Lili admitted that the physical changes will be noticeable once they have to put on their graduation dresses, because during the quarantine everyone had certain evolutions, even in their tan, in addition, she confessed that she will feel like a prisoner, because they cannot leave Canada and if they want to see their loved ones, they have to spend 2 weeks in isolation.

The “Riverdale” star clarified that she feels lucky to continue with the project, but regrets that in these months she will not be able to resume any of her activities or other projects because they must maintain preventive measures against the pandemic. The fifth season will have a time jump, so the cast will be really busy.

Regarding her confinement, the factor of reuniting with Cole Sprouse, her ex-boyfriend and with whom she broke up months ago, also adds, although it seems that the two had a good closure. Lili has been very open about her mental health problems, which is why she explained that this labor lockdown will be difficult.

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During the quarantine she felt trapped and did not have a good start, as she went through several personal situations and could not be distracted, instead, she took on her mood in the worst way: regretting, crying and having miserable days, but in the end, she has to fulfill his role in the series.

The premiere date for the fifth season of “Riverdale” has not yet been confirmed, it will not be able to premiere in October, with all the aura of Halloween, but it is expected to be ready by 2021.


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