Lili Reinhart failed the cast of Riverdale in the past!


Lili Reinhart is one of the stars of the Netflix show Riverdale. However, the star who plays the role of Betty was very nearly ousted …

Looks like Lili Reinhart wasn’t the first choice. Indeed, the pretty blonde almost did not play the role of Betty in Riverdale. Rather astonishing info, which the star revealed herself.

Riverdale has managed to unite a small community with young fans of the series. The show is in its 5th season and continues to keep them going.

However, some do not know about the cast of the series. Starting with this secret around the role of Lili Reinhart, Betty.

If the actress did go through an audition to have the part, she was not supposed to have the part … Yep, she had it down in style during the auditions …

All in all, this information may seem surprising, because for fans, Betty is Lili. And no one else could take this role that suits him so well.

For the casting, Lili Reinhart had therefore sent a video filmed from her home. Video that did not convince the jury … And yet!


“I sent in a video from my home to audition,” Lili Reinhart recalls on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. “They said ‘no’ to me. They weren’t interested, they didn’t want me. ”

The actress could then have contented herself with this refusal and moved on, to another role. But it was without counting on his determination and especially on chance which makes things right.

“I moved to Los Angeles, and was able to go back there in person. And there I got the part. But yes, I was initially rejected because of my video. ”

Lili Reinhart proves us once again that when we want, we can. In any case, she has given herself the means to succeed, proof of that she is one of the longtime stars of Riverdale!


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