Lili Reinhart is afraid of the coronavirus and advises her fans


Lili Reinhart is afraid of the coronavirus and advises her fans. The actress is concerned about the global pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused panic among the population, in addition to affecting the economic, social and entertainment spheres.

Various celebs have expressed their concern and recommendations regarding this virus, which although it is not fatal, it is highly infectious. Recently, Lili Reinhart , protagonist of “Riverdale” and whose production was postponed due to the health emergency, expressed her fear of the disease.

Through her Twitter account, Lili published a message expressing how she feels about the coronavirus . The actress admitted being scared, because the situation is terrifying.

She also explained that at the moment she does not know what is the best option to stay safe and avoid contracting the virus, but she decided to give her fans some advice: avoid public places and wash your hands.

Lili hopes everyone is safe, but she made this request until things settle down. The celebs use their media power in social networks to raise awareness about precautionary measures against the seriousness of the pandemic.


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