Lili Estefan talks about her mother’s suicide for the first time


Lili Estefan is experiencing a true catharsis in “Red Table Talk: The Estefans”. The co-host of El Gordo y la Flaca broke the silence and for the first time spoke of her mother’s suicide. Lili revealed that her family has had to deal with mental health issues. “I come from a family that has struggled with mental health,” declared the television host.

Lili Estefan’s mother took her own life when she was barely ten years old. To talk about this issue in said program Lili confessed that she spoke first with both her father and her brother, because the three of them are very careful when they address the issue of their mother. “Several times I came home from school and she was unstable,” recalled the Univision star.

“I saw it, I saw it in her eyes, in her body language. She changed, she was like another person. She was depressed, “said Estefan. Her mother’s mental health problems made Lili Estefan mature very quickly. Especially because at a very early age she also had to deal with what was happening to her mother.

“Suddenly I would wake up in the morning and she would tell me: ‘I am the Virgin Mary,’ so I had to treat her as if she were a virgin.”

She also made strong statements or expressed her delusional thoughts that made her see death up close. “Suddenly she would say: ‘The sun is getting closer to earth and we are all going to die,'” Lili said.

Lili cries when she remembers the day her father approached her to say: “Your mother died.” Through tears she also said: “I have never spoken about it out of respect for all the people who went through the process. I’m a public figure and every time I tried to talk about it, I couldn’t, I just cried… I think that was my depression. I looked back and thought, ‘We could have done something.’

Here is the video with the interview which they shared on Instagram with the following message:

“The Estefans reveal their private and deeply personal struggles with mental health issues and how they cope. Artist and social media star Lele Pons sincerely shares her extreme challenges of living with harsh OCD, and actress Karla Souza tells how growing up with a bipolar mother led to her own dramatic battle with mental illness. “


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