Lil Pump Preparing To Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency


Famous rapper Lil Pump, whose songs have been streamed hundreds of million times on YouTube, is preparing to launch his own cryptocurrency called PumpCoin. PumpCoin holders are said to benefit from ‘special deals’.

It seems like an increasingly popular movement for artists and internet celebrities to issue their own cryptocurrencies to interact with their audiences. Following Rapper Lil Yatchy, Lil Pump is also preparing to issue its own blockchain-based money with the Fyooz platform.

Fyooz, a Zurich-based platform, is basically a platform that allows artists and internet celebrities with their own audience to earn from fan engagement. In the platform, people make money by extracting their own money and creating areas where these money are used.

Remo Prinz, one of the founding partners of the platform, said the platform’s purpose was “Given the impact of the quarantines imposed on the industry due to COVID-19, it has never been more necessary for artists and fans to find a new method of interaction. “is one way,” he explains.

PumpCoin will go on sale in 2021:

Famous rapper Lil Pump has also been one of those included in this trend and the product called PumpCoin is getting ready to go on sale in 2021. PumpCoin holders will have the opportunity to participate in special events such as playing games with Lil Pump.

In the past weeks, Lil Yatchy issued his money named YATCHY and 375 thousand dollars were obtained from this blockchain-based cryptocurrency sales. The sale of 25 thousand crypto coins was completed in 21 minutes. Fans can use these coins to have boxes of Lil Yatchy’s belongings and video chat with the famous rapper.

In Fyooz, money sales can only be made outside of the USA, US ‘investors’ cannot buy from these currencies. Interest in the Fyooz platform is expected to increase in the coming period.


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