Lil Nas X: Industry Baby Features Arrow Actor and Easter Eggs in The Clip


Lil Nas X: Released at dawn this Friday (23), the new clip for Lil Nas X, called Industry Baby, brought several easter eggs that caught the attention of DC fans. One of them was the participation of Colton Haynes, of Arrow and Teen Wolf, an actor who played Roy Harper in the series.

In addition, fans also thought Jason Momoa, Aquaman, had made a cameo in the clip, but the information was just a mistake.

The other easter eggs of the clip follow the rapper’s trajectory, showing Grammys, a platinum record and even a photo of his controversial performance at the BET Awards in 2021, an event in which the singer kissed one of his dancers on stage. The theme is also addressed in the artist’s new clip.

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Industry Baby: Learn about the new Lil Nas X video

Directed by Christian Breslauer and produced by Andrew Lerios, Industry Baby is an epic video for the song that features Jack Harlow and produced by Kanye West. In the clip, Lil Nas X is sentenced to five years in prison for being gay. That’s why Haynes’ participation in the clip caught the attention of fans as he is an LGBTQIA+ icon.

The rapper should soon release his first album, titled Montero, which has no release date yet. In addition to Industry Baby, the album should also feature his other singles released in 2021: Montero (Call Me By Your Name) and Sun Goes Down.

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