Lil Nas X becomes a multimillionaire thanks to its “Old Town Road” tube!


The 20-year-old young American singer Lil Nas X has conquered the world with his title “Old Town Road”. A piece that brought big, and that has still resonated in our heads since this summer! We tell you!

Indeed, Lil Nas X can already boast of being a multi-millionaire at only 20 years! The young singer and rapper has generated a real phenomenon around the world with a single sound. It must be said that the tube “Old Town Road” is very catchy! A passion that has already taken him far, but suddenly we expect more for his next sound! To know that everything started by buying a sample found on the internet, from there it made a real hit!

Then the young man had the idea to take this sound with Billy Ray Cyrus. Suffice to say that the success was at the rendezvous since it has exceeded 395 million views on the Web. Success rarely comes alone and brings him a big check! According to Forbes his fortune would amount to more than 14 million dollars, only with this tube!

“Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road, I’m gonna ride ’til I can not see you …”, even if you’re gossiping, we know exactly who it is! We all sang this sentence in the evening when the sound was passing. A music like no other that has conquered us all summer long. Lil Nas X will have taken first place in the US charts for 19 consecutive weeks. Then Billie Eilish dethroned him!

It must be said that rapper Lil Nas X has managed to do with country (a genre very common in the US) a real hit mixed with rap. As much to tell you that we can not wait to see what the young prodigy who has already accustomed us to quality has in store for us! Case to follow.


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