Lil Nas, Who Was Once “Pregnant”, Announced That He Has a Child, and Fans Can’t Contain Their Reaction


Lil Nas discussed his pregnancy on the Internet again. The 23-year-old rapper is known for his expressiveness, he even performs antics that surprise and entertain his fans. Back in 2019, the singer revealed that he is gay with his song C7osure. But like many gay men, he was probably thinking about having a child of his own.


The rapper made everyone gasp when photos of his big belly were published, hinting that he was pregnant. Although he was flaunting photos from a baby photo shoot, he wasn’t actually pregnant. However, he may actually have a child. Fans are surprised, as they reacted ambiguously to the news.

Fans go crazy when Lil Nas posts a photo of her baby after a fake pregnancy

Was Lil Nas serious when he posted his pregnancy photos and started “giving birth”? Probably not. But singer Montero shared a story on Instagram that had a photo of the baby. The caption to the baby’s photo is September 27, 2021, which indicates the date of birth of the baby. The rapper said that he no longer wants to hide his child from the world. While the rapper, who declared himself gay, seemed happy to share the news, fans were left confused and perplexed. The Internet is a source of memes, people on Twitter make fun of the news.

This suggests that you can be anyone, so he decided to become a single mother.

— Gray Spector (@SpectorGray) December 29, 2022

One fan joked about whether Lil Nas has a baby with Nick Cannon. The TV presenter has about 11 children with several women and was married to singer Mariah Carey for a while. Some wonder if Lil Nasa had a child with a heterosexual woman because he is gay. But one fan came to his defense, explaining how people from the LGBT community have a direct relationship before they confess.

There are many more questions. Who is the mother of the child, and is the child really his, or is the rapper trolling everyone? What do you think about the children’s story of Lil Nas? Comment on your thoughts.


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