Would You Like to Quarantine in a Luxury Hotel?

Many people quickly began to count off the house itself while continuing to increase the Kovid-19 cases in Turkey. To still work, etc. Though there are people going out, tens of thousands of people don’t go out unless they have to

If you are not going out with fear of coronavirus, you can spend these “infected” days in quarantine. In a luxury hotel in Switzerland.

Quarantine Office
You can stay in the quarantine apartments of a hotel called Le Bijou in Switzerland, where you can quarantine yourself. The nightly cost of this hotel varies between $ 800 and $ 2,000.

Visitors staying at this hotel have their own chefs and can order a personal meal. After breakfast, you can take advantage of the work environment offered by the hotel and handle your daily work. In the meantime, while in quarantine, you can go to the hotel’s private gym and do sports. This is also possible if you want to enter the spa after the sport.

Let’s say you quarantined yourself here, but you still wonder if Kovid-19 got caught. You can get a coronavirus test by contacting the hotel staff and paying a $ 500 fee. On top of that, if you want a nurse to check you 2 times a day, you need to pay 1,800 dollars.

Also, if you stay in this hotel, you can say that you stayed in the same hotel with Jordan Belfort, known as Wolf of Wall Street and Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple because they stayed in this hotel. We know that both names have interesting opinions about cryptocurrencies.

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Response to the Hotel
The hotel offers all these services to high-income people of course, but this policy of the hotel is criticized by some names. The focus of these criticisms is that, as you can imagine, the Coronavirus test is being made for $ 500.

The Swiss Government has already announced that the coronavirus test will be covered by the compulsory social health insurance in the measures it takes to combat the coronavirus. In other words, people who are thought to have coronavirus in Switzerland can already go and test for free.

René Frey, CEO of Rough Guides, strongly criticizes the Le Bijou management for providing such services under these circumstances. Stating that this attitude of the hotel is both smooth and unethical, Frey says that this is also commercially wrong.



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