Did you like Parasite? “El Hoyo” is the ideal option for you


Did you like Parasite? Take advantage of the quarantined time and enjoy this new movie.

Did you see Parasite? If you are a fan of raw and social criticism movies, but narrated in a terrifying way, “El Hoyo” is the ideal option for you.

In the midst of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, people went into despair and for days they have made panic purchases, stocking up on essential products such as toilet paper, antibacterial gel, cleaning products, among others. This movie that premiered on Netflix is the perfect example of human selfishness in emergencies.

“El Hoyo” is set in a dystopian future and tells the story of a man named “Goreng”, who is locked in a prison of his own volition for a reward. However, the place where he will be locked is different from any other prison, because instead of cells, they are floors, it is not known how many.

“Goreng” must spend 6 months there, but he will realize his mistake when it comes to lunch: a table that only has the leftovers from a big banquet. Que???? His cellmate, “Trimagasi”, explains that the food is running out level by level, the prisoners on the first floor and the following ones, devour everything they can regardless of whether the other lower floors are left with nothing.

The protagonist will find a way for all levels to get some food, as he realizes that some cannibalize to survive, because the floor you touch is random and changes month by month. Will he manage to get out alive and change the food system of that prison?

“El hoyo” makes a great criticism of excessive capitalism, people do not get what they need, but want everything in excess, leaving others without the opportunity to feed themselves or to obtain the basics to survive, something that worries many in this crisis quarantine.


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