Like on Friday, the 13th, part 8, there was a secret fight between Jason and Jason

Friday, the 13th, part 8: Jason conquers Manhattan, as a rule, is not remembered with love, but it tells about a secret pleasant battle between two actors who put on the mask of Jason Voorhees. Part 8 was announced as a departure from the Friday the 13th formula, taking Jason out of Crystal Lake and releasing him into the Big Apple. However, the film ran on a small budget and could not afford to be fully set in New York, so instead the film was mostly set on a cruise ship heading to the city, with the last action taking place in Vancouver. Manhattan. The eighth part was criticized, but one of the main standouts was Kane Hodder as Jason, who returned to the franchise after playing Voorhees in the seventh part.
Kane Hodder went on to play Jason two more times in “Jason Goes to Hell: Last Friday” and the Lost Jason X, before losing the chance to continue playing the role in “Freddie vs. Jason.” Hodder is still a fan favorite of Jason. He breathed life into the silent killer, endowing him with memorable physical characteristics, such as full-blooded deep breaths and sharp head movements, and he stood out among other actors who played the villain in a hockey mask. It came as a surprise that Hodder was not chosen for the role of Jason in the movie “Freddy vs. Jason”, instead director Ronnie Yu chose stuntman Ken Kirzinger, because Kirzinger’s height would contrast Jason even more with Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger.
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Hodder was unhappy that he was not included in the widely advertised series “Freddie vs Jason”, but 14 years before that, on Friday, the 13th, part 8, he had the opportunity to fight Kirzinger in one of the New York scenes of the film, which gave the film a secret fight “Jason vs Jason.” Once Jason is finally released in Manhattan, he chases the main characters through the diner, knocking down the restaurant door. One of the chefs at the diner was played by Kerzinger, and he unsuccessfully tries to protect himself from Jason. Jason Hodder easily picks up Kirsinger and throws him through the diner, throwing him into the mirror and terrifying the visitors.
The fight with Jason on Friday The 13th Part 8 was an important moment for Hodder
This is a minor scene in Part 8, but it is confirmed after Hodder lost the role to Kirsinger for Freddie vs. Jason. Hodder was clearly upset that he had been redone. There was a whole episode of Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s Holliston in which Hodder got depressed about it, bursting into tears every time “Freddie vs. Jason” was mentioned. The diner scene in Part 8 shows how the “real” fan favorite Jason gets rid of his replacement Jason retroactively, in a satisfying way, confirming Hodder’s disappointment that he is not in Freddie vs. Jason.
Although Ken Kirzinger played Jason as best he could in Freddie vs. Jason, he still won’t replace Hodder. Even in the smaller films of the franchise, such as “Friday the 13th, Part 8: Jason Captures Manhattan,” Hodder shone, always giving his best. Of all the problems that Freddy vs. Jason faced during development, the choice of Kirsinger over Hodder caused confusion, and it could easily be fixed. Anyone who is still angry that Kane Hodder was excluded from Freddie vs. Jason, one of the biggest crossover films of all time, can turn to this scene to get a satisfying beating of Kirsinger by Jason Hodder.