Liiv SANDBOX Signs Contract With LCK’s First Female Player, DangMoo


Jung “DangMoo” Soo Jin will join the Liiv SANDBOX Challenger League team, making her the first female player in LCK.

DangMoo is a streamer and content creator, her YouTube channel has more than 240 thousand subscribers. At first, she made a splash when she reached the rank of “Challenger” on the KR server with 60% win rate.

LSB has released a video detailing the process the organization went through in pursuing DangMoo as a member of its team. All videos are in Korean, unfortunately, without English subtitles, but the coaching staff mentioned her excellent communication, mechanics and decision-making.

In the news post about the signing of the contract, there were a few words from DangMoo herself. “This is a difficult opportunity, so I will try to show a good game.”

Liiv SANDBOX CEO Chong “Ryan” In-mo also announced the decision via a tweet.

“I have interviewed many candidates, but DangMoo was a man with the will and the ability to challenge more than anyone else. Thank you for your support. + In our team, all players use 2 or 1 room, and the team players also live and train together in the same room.” The CEO also acknowledges the fact that after signing Liiv, SANDBOX destroys restrictions and prejudices in esports.

LSB Challengers managed a team of 10 people in the LCK CL 2022 summer season. This way of managing teams is not unusual in the Challenger League, as coaches and the organization are trying to juggle and develop the squad. However, since then, the number of LSB Challengers players has been reduced to 6, and DangMoo joined them as a backup support. The organization stated that DangMoo will participate in all the fights and developments that the main cast will receive.

During an interview with Inven Global, DangMooΒ said that she had also applied for an open selection for Fredit Brion. About the fact that she is the first professional female player in LCK, she said the following: “It’s true that it’s a little overwhelming. However, I feel that if I perform well, other female players will see me. So, as a professional gamer, I’m going to overcome everything and do my best.” DangMu said that she will also not give up streaming completely, but will do it very rarely.

LCK was not the only region interested in it. A scout of the Chinese RNG team also approached her and asked if she was already signed to the team.

DangMoo is also known as the sister of Jung “Goaros” Jae Hwan. Goarosa is also a well-known content creator with almost 700 thousand subscribers.


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