Ligue 1: The PSG matches soon in the clear on TV?


The official Ligue 1 broadcaster can no longer accept its commitments. And maybe it could give free-to-air matches on TV?

Since Mediapro broke its contract by not paying its deadlines, the LFP is looking for a new broadcaster for Ligue 1 matches. It could be that while waiting for a new allocation, some matches will be broadcast in the clear for a certain time. . French football is also sinking into an unprecedented crisis. For once, the problem does not concern the content of the matches but their broadcasting.

The Mediapro group has waived the payment of one billion euros for the purchase of the TV rights to the Ligue 1 and 2 matches. The question arises of who will broadcast the championship. Mediapro via its Telefoot channel will continue to broadcast matches until a solution is found. And that without spending a dime. A situation that cannot last.


The encrypted channel held for this season only two posters of Ligue 1. It now appears as the big favorite to have a large part of the cake.

Discussions had been initiated between the League and Canal + so that it takes up the torch of Téléfoot. But the president of the channel, Maxime Saada, surprised his world. He indicated that the group did not intend to buy back the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches from Mediapro. And that he was planning to surrender his rights to the matches he already broadcasts.

The encrypted channel prefers to subscribe to a new tender for the whole lot. Rather than negotiating quickly. It’s also a way to lower prices even further. You should know that the channel is one of the few to have all the technical means for quality broadcasting of Ligue 1 matches.


While waiting for the new tender for Ligue 1 to take place and the rights to be allocated to a new broadcaster, the League is concerned that certain days of the championship will not be broadcast. Suddenly, and to the delight of supporters, football fans and sports betting, channels such as M6, TF1 and France Television have offered to take over as long as a final solution has not been found.

Nicolas de Travernost, president of M6, made it known that he would not be a rights buyer but only as a free broadcaster pending a solution.

Will the League accept? Answer to follow …


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