Lightyear: Release date, cast and other important facts we know about the Pixar movie


Since Pixar’s founding, Buzz Lightyear has remained a key player in the company’s continued longevity. Arguably the studio’s most recognizable character, Pixar has been adamant to tell more “Toy Story” tales—or “Toy Stories”—with the space Ranger in the spotlight. But now it’s time for the cadet to go to infinity… and, of course, beyond it.

Indeed, the famous astronaut will finally have his own Pixar movie with Lightyear, the 26th feature film from the award-winning animation house. With Chris Evans voicing the galaxy-traveling apprentice, this Buzz Lightyear won’t be the same Buzz that viewers have grown up with for decades, especially because this variation of the character will follow the origin of the astronaut character who inspired the toy, not Andy’s plastic friend. As this new 2022 release is coming to theaters soon, here are some key details we know about Lightyear.

Lightyear’s release date is set for June 17, 2022.

Infinity is not so far away. Indeed, Lightyear, a new animated origin story about a space ranger searching for the galaxy, is due to be released on June 17, 2022. While Disney has developed an unpleasant habit of dumping its original Pixar films on Disney+ instead of showing in theaters. , this solo reinvention comes out in a traditional release.

Chris Evans will voice Buzz Lightyear

It’s hard to imagine anything other than Tim Allen’s voice coming out of Buzz Lightyear’s mouth. While several other voice actors have been heard as a space cadet over the years, including Patrick Warburton, Pat Fraley and Corey Burton, the “Home Improvement” star has been seen behind the voice in films (with the exception of “Toy Story 3.” voiced by Javier Fernandez-Peña). But that has to change now.

When the Lightyear was announced, it turned out that Chris Evans, not Tim Allen, would give his movie star image to this ever-jumping space ranger in a super suit. While Toy Story fans were initially concerned, loudly wondering if this meant the end of Allen’s time with the character, Disney/Pixar quickly clarified that this version of Buzz is not the one we’ve known for the past few decades. However, it’s unclear how long Evans will be voicing this version of Buzz after this solo film.

The film will tell the final story of the origin of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy

When the release of Lightyear was announced, there were understandably some questions about the film. Did we get a spin-off around Buzz Lightyear, one of the main characters of the four Toy Story films, or the person who inspired the toy? Perhaps anticipating this initial confusion, Disney was quick to point out that this animated film would center around the futuristic space hero who inspired the toy, rather than the miniature model we knew in the past.

While this variation of the character won’t be a big departure from the Buzz we know, it should be made clear that Disney/Pixar is telling the ultimate origin story of the Space Ranger character, not an independent plastic toy. the core of this toy-based franchise.

Since then, more details about the film have been published on the official website, which states that Lightyear’s story will follow the legendary star commander as he and his recruits travel through space on a dangerous adventure that leads them to the evil emperor. Zurg, where they have to work as a team to survive.

“Lightyear” is based on the script “In search of Angus MacLaine” performed by Dori.

Angus MacLaine’s name may not be as famous as Brad Bird and Andrew Stanton, but he has been a veteran of the groundbreaking animation company for more than two decades. First working as an animator in the films “The Life of a Beetle” and “Toy Story 2”, McLane has risen in the rating to director over the past few years, in particular, thanks to his work on the cartoons “Toy Story: Small Fry” and “Toy Story of Horror”. In 2016, the veteran, along with Stanton, became one of the directors of “In Search of Dory,” and now McLane will finally shoot his own Pixar film with Lightyear.

Pete Docter wanted to make this movie from the first “Toy Story”

Buzz Lightyear has been one of Pixar’s main characters since the beginning. The springy, laser—aimed, potential space ranger is one of Pixar’s most memorable and sought-after personalities, and Pete Docter has always had a desire to give this guy his own space adventure. During the presentation of Lightyear at the December Disney Investor Event (via Pixar Post), the head of the studio stated that the company had been striving to tell the story of the character’s origin from the very beginning, and he is grateful that such an opportunity finally appeared with this film.