Lightyear: Oklahoma Theater Almost Censored Pixar’s Same-sex Kiss


A theater in Oklahoma was going to censor Lightyear, but has since refused. In the latest Pixar movie, Chris Evans plays Buzz Lightyear. This is a fictional movie that Andy saw in Toy Story, after which he wanted to buy a Buzz Lightyear toy. Despite its association with “Toy Story,” “Lightyear” disappointed at the box office, as “Jurassic World: Dominion” took first place at the box office in its first weekend.

In addition to disappointing box office receipts, one of the elements of the Lightyear that hit the headlines is the presence of a same-sex kiss. A kiss is a brief moment between the character Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) and her wife. The kiss was originally cut from the movie “Lightyear”, but later restored by Pixar in response to Disney’s handling of the Florida bill “Don’t Say Gay”, as well as the fact that Pixar employees reported that Disney tried to edit and soften the homosexual subtext in their films. This moment caused a slight disagreement with some parents who did not want it to be in a children’s film.

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One movie theater in Oklahoma tried to fast-forward the scene in Lightyear. According to CNN, the 89er Theater in Kingfisher hung a sign informing viewers about the same-sex kiss, which read: “The management of this theater discovered after booking the “Lightter” that in the first 30 minutes of the Pixar movie. We will do our best to fast-forward this scene, but it may not be accurate.” One of the theater’s owners, Barry Reed, later told CNN that the sign had been removed and that the stage had not been censored at any show. Reed said in a statement:

“It was an internal error, and it has been fixed. It won’t happen again.”

Lightyear has already been banned from fourteen other film markets because of a same-sex kiss. Chris Evans commented on Pixar’s inclusion of the kiss in the film as a step forward in representation, but hopes that one day it will not become news, but will simply be accepted. The outrage of some viewers and the fact that the Oklahoma Theater was considering fast-forward through the kiss shows that some still disagree with the broader view.

Although Lightyear suffers at the box office, it’s unlikely that a kiss is an important factor, at least domestically. While Lightyear could certainly take advantage of additional markets for its worldwide volume, the more likely answer is that Lightyear’s marketing may have confused some viewers about its relationship to the Toy Story franchise. Add to this additional competition from Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick, as well as viewers who know that Lightyear will go to Disney+ in 45 days, and the answer is likely to be the simplest solution. Now the question is, what lessons will Disney learn from the box office of Lightyear.