Lightyear: 10 Other Toys from Toy Story that Deserve a Spin-off


With the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear, viewers will learn the origin story of one of the most recognizable animated characters in recent times: Buzz Lightyear. Buzz as a character is always confident in himself, but Disney animators have questioned his inner life.

In an interesting and unexpected twist, instead of following the toy, the animated film tells about a new adventure led by Buzz, on which Andy’s space ranger toy is based. And after this intriguing version of the classic Toy Story character, the question arises: what other toys in Andy’s Room deserve a separate prequel?

Duke of Kaboom

Canadian daredevil Keanu Reeves appeared in Toy Story 4 as a minor character, but, nevertheless, he was remembered. Duke Kaboom was one of many new toys introduced as Woody, and the gang followed Bo Peep to the Second Chance antique shop from a nearby carnival.

The origin story of Duke Kaboom will be an action-packed sports film that matches his bold image. He will have his signature white suit, and his motorcycle will play a prominent role. This pseudo-prequel could be a sports film against the odds, telling how Duke lives up to his stage name in his native Canada.


As Woody’s faithful companion, Bullseye acts as a cute assistant. First introduced in Toy Story 2 alongside Jesse, he is uncompromising in his loyalty and silly antics. Although he is a silent character, a separate film exploring his backstory may interest fans.

While Disney is known for its animated animal films, one starring Bullseye could be a fun adventure similar to Dreamworks’ “Spirit: The Stallion of Cimarron.” Viewers who have learned how he got his unique name and seen him walking around in the west may be what this silent minor character needs.


The cynical piggy bank with memorable jokes from “Toy Story” continues to win the hearts of viewers all over the world. Hamm, voiced by Pixar icon John Ratzenberger, has been a mainstay of the Toy Story team since the beginning of the franchise. His knowledge of the outside world makes his advice so necessary in dire situations.

Since Hamm was a piggy bank, Disney animators would probably formulate his personal story as an interpretation of the Charlotte/Baby Network. It would be both fun and amusing, given Ratzenberger’s legendary pitch. Hamm’s realistic approach to the world would make him a refreshing protagonist of a film set on a pig farm. Imagine a partnership!

Stinky Pete

Prospector Stinky Pete, who acts as the main antagonist in Toy Story 2, begins as Woody’s grandfather after it is revealed that he is participating in the TV show Woody’s Roundup. He soon reveals his true identity as an exhausted, manipulative and well-spoken prospector doll, forgotten amid the popularity of space toys.

While the origin story of Stinky Pete, Jesse and Woody is explored to some extent in a special made-for-TV cowboy series, it would be interesting to see this dynamic game. Given his manipulative personality, which contrasts with footage from the Toy Story sequel, this would be a compelling character study.

Bo Peep

Although Bo-Peep is not the main character of the first three Toy Story films, in the fourth she was given much-needed freedom of action, which promotes her to the status of the main character. Bo Peep puts away her pink dress and hat and chooses a practical pantsuit that matches her newfound behavior.

A spin-off for Bo Peep, given her rise in personality after the events of Toy Story 4, could be another interesting look at the heroine. Its literary origin is based on classical literature and fairy tales and includes a plot about helping a princess turned into an owl. Using magic and cunning, her separate film can refer to the Disney fairy tales of the past.

Little Green aliens

The “Little Green Alien” toys first appear in the second “Toy Story” and are repeated together throughout the rest of the film franchise. These are classic claw toys that were first seen when Woody saves Buzz from Pizza Planet.

Green aliens may appear in real life in the “Light Year”, but a movie with a small green trio in the title role would be no less exciting. Although they are not revealed at all in the original film, a separate film dedicated to friendship and loyalty to an alien higher power similar to the “Claw” would turn out to be a fun space adventure. Review of their most memorable line in “Toy Story” it would be great to hear it in a new context.

Emperor Zurg

Zurg, first introduced in Toy Story 2, is a stylized robot villain figure for the hero Buzz. His red eyes, neon teeth, horns and purple cape are easily recognizable, and a personal adventure exploring the mind inside the robot can be an exciting idea.

Although his appearance in Lightyear is expected, it would be interesting to explore more deeply the origin of the Zurg. Is there a human side to an insensitive synthesoid?