Lightning Strikes Can Redeem the MCU’s Worst Phase 4 Villain


The Marvel movie “Thunderbolts” can atone for the worst villain of Phase 4 by bringing back Taskmaster and giving her a big role. The fourth phase of the Marvel cinematic universe began in 2021 with the movie “Black Widow”. The long-awaited solo film of the heroine Scarlett Johansson had many wonderful qualities, for example, the appearance of Elena Belova (Florence Pugh). Nevertheless, the villain Taskmaster from “Black Widow” was one of the weakest points of the film.

Preparation for the Taskmaster’s debut in the MCU was accompanied by great anticipation when we saw a demonstration of photographic reflexes and found out who was under the skull mask. However, Black Widow struggled to make Olga Kurylenko’s villainess a real threat. The revelation that the overseer was Drake’s daughter did not actually happen, and the secrecy meant that the film had to hide most of her history and characteristics. The Black Widow couldn’t even use the Overseer’s powers in some ways. The film featured real-time mimicry abilities in only one fight with Natasha Romanoff, causing many fans to feel that Black Widow had wasted the Overseer and her unique abilities.

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Marvel Studios now has a very clear chance to redeem Taskmaster and the criticism leveled against her, thanks to Thunderbolts. The upcoming film will bring together some of Marvel’s biggest villains and antiheroes for an as yet undisclosed reason. Taskmaster is expected to be part of the list, teaming up in another MCU movie with Elena Belova and interacting with Baron Zemo and a US agent for the first time. While Marvel Studios puts Taskmaster in Thunderbolts, the movie can easily redeem the Black Widow villain by showing more of her story and abilities.

While the Overseer, who is indeed Antonia Drake, was the unmasking saved for the third act of “Black Widow,” her identity won’t be a secret in “Thunderbolts.” She is also no longer under Drake’s control. This will give the film an opportunity to actually explore who Antonia is as a character and what her life has been like since the Black Widow and the Hawkeye mission in Budapest almost killed her. The lightning bolts can then give viewers some insight into the Overseer’s mind and actually give her an identity she didn’t have in Black Widow, as a mostly silent masked killer.

After The Thunderbolts take the necessary steps to improve Taskmaster’s character, the film can focus on giving Olga Kurylenko’s character some outstanding action sequences. The potential MCU Thunderbolts team is not a very strong group of villains. The Taskmaster’s ability to mimic his opponents will be quite useful when it comes to dealing with who the Thunderer villain is. Taskmaster has some fun opportunities to reflect the abilities of his teammates and use their movements. If the Thunderbolts can show more sides of Taskmaster’s character and better explore her abilities, Marvel can easily redeem the worst villain of Phase 4.