Life on Mars Can Be Found in 2 Years According to a NASA Employee


One of NASA’s prominent scientists, Jim Green, said that life on Mars could be found within two years, but the world was “not ready” for it. According to the pioneering astronomer, the discovery will require a completely new thinking system.

NASA continues to make progress every day in space research and extraterrestrial life studies. In line with this, one of NASA’s leading scientists on Mars said that life could be found on the red planet in about two years, but humanity was not ready for the “revolutionary” consequences of this discovery.

Dr. Ambitious explanations. Jim Green thinks that two traveling vehicles from NASA and the European Space Agency will find proof of life within months of arriving at Mars in March 2021, as part of the ExoMars Rover mission called al Rosalind ına in memory of British chemist Rosalind Franklin.

Tourists who are part of the ExoMars Rover mission will drill a hole of about 6.5 meters into the core of Mars and collect samples to search for extraterrestrial life. The collected samples will then be crushed and examined in a mobile laboratory for organic matter.

The world is not ready for this discovery:

Dr Green compared possible discoveries to the time when astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus recounted the 16. Earth’s rotation around the Sun, which he discovered in the 16th century. Dr Green said after the reviews, “will start a completely new series of ideas. I don’t think we’re ready for the results. I was worried about this because I think we’re close to finding it and making some announcements. He said that his discovery of life on Mars would give scientists a new set of questions to explore.

The new questions Dr Green thinks will emerge at this point are: What happens next is a completely new set of scientific questions. Is this life like us? How do we relate? Can life pass from planet to planet, or is it a spark and do we have exactly the ideal environment? Does this spark produce a life like us or not like us, based on the chemical environment it is in? ”

Recent research on life on Mars has shown that planets, once thought to be uninhabitable, may once have favorable conditions for life. These investigations may justify Dr. Green. A discovery earlier this year showed that there could be a large and active water system flowing below the surface of Mars.


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