Life is Strange: True Colors, Preview. A New Beginning


Life is Strange: True Colors: We play the first chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors and we tell you what we thought about this first contact with the new title of the saga. Sadness, fear, anger … powerful and negative feelings that we all feel from time to time irremediably. As much as we try to push them away, somehow they manage to remain anchored in our hearts. Can you imagine how it would be to absorb this type of emotions from the people around us and feel them as our own? It is the power, or rather curse, that Alex Chen, the protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors, has. After squeezing the first chapter of this new installment of the saga we make a short break to reflect and capture our first impressions. Is this new narrative adventure on a par with its predecessors? We tell you what we think about the work of Deck Nine Games and Square Enix.

Arrival at Haven Springs

Changes are never easy. Getting used to the day-to-day routine can become tedious, but somehow we find a certain tranquility in said stability. However, if we were in a similar situation to Alex, we would probably desperately seek that change of life. After spending more than eight years in a foster care program, her brother Gabe contacts her and offers her a plan that for her involves seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: moving with him to Haven Springs, a small and colorful mining town located in middle of the mountains of Colorado. Alex agrees and takes a leap of faith by daring.