Life is Strange: Series Is ‘Alive’ And Shawn Mendes Will Take Care Of The Soundtrack


Life is Strange: It’s been about five years since Legendary Studios — the same company behind Godzilla and Detective Pikachu — started working on a series based on the Life is Strange games. The stories and characters from the games are very good and could yield even better scripts for TV — but, so far, nothing concrete can be seen.

As such, many fans were already beginning to doubt that such a series would ever come out of the paper. However, recent news reports that the project is not only still standing, but also has some behind-the-scenes news. The gringo portal GameSpot announced that pop singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes signed a contract with the Legendary studio to work on the musical part of the series. Very well!

Shawn may not be that well known to gamers, but he’s a big name in pop music, with hits like Stitches and Señorita, with his girlfriend Camila Cabello (and is also known for being a hottie and Calvin Klein underwear model). Now, whether it will be relevant to the Life is Strange series is something we won’t find out until the series finally gets off the ground — who knows after another five years?

In time: Pop music stars’ partnerships with the gaming universe aren’t exactly common, but they’ve happened before. See Katy Perry releasing a song for Pokémon and Brazilian Anitta with a special uniform in her honor at FIFA. Let’s see what Shawn Mendes brings to the Life is Strange series.


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