Life is Strange Remastered Collection Is Delayed To 2022; Release


Life is Strange Remastered Collection: Square Enix decides to delay the release of Life is Strange Remastered Collection to early 2022 due to the circumstances of the pandemic. Life is Strange Remastered Collection changes its date on the calendar. The compilation of the original title and Before the Storm will arrive sometime in the early 2022. The company alludes to the current circumstances of the pandemic to make this decision.

“Due to the challenges that remain in this global pandemic, we want to relieve any additional pressure on the Life is Strange team by allowing more time between the release of Life is Trange: True Colors and Life is Trange Remastered Collection,” comments the company. “For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Life is Strange Remastered Collection on all platforms – PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia and Switch – until early 2022. We hope you understand.”

The study concludes not without first thanking the community for “patience and support.” The delay of these remasters will not affect True Colors, which remains dated for next September 10. In addition, its first DLC, Wavelengths, will arrive just a week later: on September 30.

True Colors, colors through emotions

Alex Chen, the protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors, has the power to identify what the people around her feel. “Emotions are expressed with auras surrounding the characters that can explode into novae of light and color when emotions get out of control. Each of these experiences ”, explained its narrative director, Jonathan Zimmerman.

There are four types of emotions: sadness, anger, fear, and joy. Each one of them sports a distinctive color, Alex is able to read them and only she – and us – will have to decide how to act before any character and the state in which she is. Through this link you can learn more about the mechanics of it.


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