Life is Strange: How to Save Kate


There aren’t many moments in Life is Strange that can’t be reversed right away, and Kate’s potential suicide is one of those rare cases. Choosing the right dialogue options to save Kate is very important, and it will be much easier for players if they make some decisive choice at earlier points in the story.

Kate can still be saved, even if Max wasn’t as nice as she could have been with her bullied friend. This guide explains how to save Kate in Life is Strange by providing the right dialogue options, regardless of what the players have done up to that point.

Updated by Hody Jones on August 27, 2022: Kate’s potential suicide occurs closer to the first part of the story, and yet it is influenced by many factors. Chances are good that if the players don’t follow a very specific guide, they may not save her with a combination of choice options and dialogue options. So when gamers get to the stage itself, they may feel like it’s hopeless. The good news is that Kate can most likely be saved, even if up to this point the choice was far from optimal. For clarity, this guide has been updated with tables detailing the results of each dialog selection, regardless of the actions taken up to that point.

How to Save Kate in Life is Strange
Selecting the first dialog

Option Result I had no idea Failure I wanted proof Failure I was also bullied Failure I was scared Success


Option Result Everything will get better Success is important to you not only to me Success

The parameters of this dialog will change depending on whether Max took a photo instead of interfering in Episode 1 or not. At this stage, it’s impossible to lose if Max intervenes, but she can still save Kate if she takes a photo instead.

Selecting the second dialog

Option Result Thought it was Warren Crashing My phone was dead Crashing It was in Silent Mode Successfully I was with Chloe Crashing


Option Result You are my friend Success I am here for you Success

This choice of dialogue will change depending on whether gamers have answered the call from Kate earlier. If they have answered it, there is no way to fail. Those who ignored the call should be careful which option they choose.

The third option of the dialog

Option Result I need more time Failure is too dangerous for us Failure I’m collecting evidence Success I wasn’t sure Failure


Option Result Involved Nathan Success You were drugged Success

This difference between the two diagrams here depends on whether Max decided to look for evidence in Nathan’s phone or not before going to the police. Those who decided that Kate should go directly to the police cannot fail, but those who tried to collect evidence on their own first should be careful.

Choosing the fourth dialog

Option Result Billions of videos Failure Be strong Success Everyone will forget Failure

This time there is only one possible set of options, as the viral video is released regardless of what Max does. Kate needs to be adjusted if she can be persuaded to continue.

Choosing the fifth dialog

Option Result Your mother is a Failure Your father is a Success Your brother is a failure Your sister is a Success

Players can recall photos and letters from Kate’s family when they explored her room in search of collectible photos in the second episode of Life is Strange. If gamers took notes, they remember that Kate’s father and sisters were in one of these photos.

Choosing the sixth dialog

Variant Result of Proverbs: 21:15 Failure Suicide is a sin Failure Matthew 11:28 Success

One crash doesn’t automatically cause Kate’s death, but the game tracks too many crashes. This dialog appears if the gamers failed to persuade Kate, and acts as a last way to save the situation.

After Kate is rescued, she will continue to appear in Max’s story during Life is Strange. She can be visited in the hospital, and she can even help Max at a later point in the story. Kate’s lack of rescue lends a somber tone throughout the rest of the game, with several characters expressing regret over the way they treated her.

Life is Strange is already available for PC, mobile, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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