Life is Strange creators will start releasing games from other studios


Life is Strange: Dontnod Entertainment begins a new era with several titles underway and a growth strategy for the future.Life is Strange: True Colors, the third main installment of the narrative adventure designed by Dontnod Entertainment, will not be in the hands of this studio, but Deck Nine (Life is Strange: Before the Storm). The French company is moving away from Square Enix to follow its own path, which involves developing more video games and offering other types of services. In fact, the company has just announced its first agreement with an external studio, through which it will publish a new video game. The Danish developer PortalPlay’s project will be a co-production between the two companies.

According to Dontnod Entertainment, the collaboration will result in unpublished intellectual property, “which is in line with Dontnod’s editorial vision and values.” Hans von Knut Skovfoged, PortalPlay’s head of development, has said the studio feels the need to “work on meaningful games.” The intention is to design “games that combine solid playable mechanics with narrative.” About the stories, they look for scripts about “individual crises” or situations that lead the player and the characters to shuffle different moral dilemmas.

An opportunity for expansion

The also creators of Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why add the following on the lips of Xavier Spinat: “As editor we want to offer players experiences that are both accessible to a larger audience and set a high bar when it comes to topics already the quality of the design ”.

According to Spinat, it has become clear to them that co-producing and publishing their new IP will allow them to “expand” the product portfolio with a game that will complement the productions they develop internally, all without compromising their DNA. “We will be able to provide our partner with our knowledge of the market, in line with the expectations of the players.”

Dontnod Entertainment has at least five video games running, although they have not announced what they keep in the closet at the moment.


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