Life is Strange creators have 6 games in the production


Dontnod Entertainment finalizes the development of Twin Mirror, a psychological thriller that will be released on December 4.

The French studio Dontnod Entertainment continues to grow. After succeeding with Life is Strange, they published titles such as Vampyr, Life is Strange 2 or Tell Me Why, all of them with one ingredient in common: their narrative approach with diverse characters. In an interview with GamesBeat, the CEO of the studio, Oskar Guilbert, pointed out that the company has half a dozen titles in production simultaneously. “Our studio is growing, with six games currently in production.”

According to the manager, his most recent games “have been very successful” in terms of the reception of the press and the players. “We are very proud”. What is not specified is whether among those titles is Twin Mirror, a video game that is about to hit the market after a development that has taken a little longer than necessary. It was originally conceived as an episodic video game like many of their other products, but finally Bandai Namco has chosen to release it as a complete product.

New studio in Montreal

Dontnod Entertainment has opened a new studio in Canada. “For us [the Montreal study] it was really important because obviously we wanted to be closer to our players in North America, but also because most of our player base is in the United States,” not to mention some of their Titles, like Life is Strange, take place in that country. “Montreal is also one of the largest video game ecosystems in the world,” he says.

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The thriller Twin Mirror, from the creators of Life is Strange

Guilbert thinks it’s important to create “different stories with different directors in different parts of the world.” He also maintains that being an independent studio is crucial for them. “We want to publish our own games and reach various platforms.”

Twin Mirror is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will put us in the shoes of a character who will return to his town to attend a friend’s funeral. If things didn’t start out too well, you’ll soon discover that things can get worse. We will travel inside the protagonist’s mind to unravel a story full of mystery.


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