Life After Tombo: documentary about Karol Conká premieres in April

Life After Tombo: Globoplay announced the arrival of yet another original production on its platform, A Vida Além do Tombo. The documentary, which will show the life of Karol Conká after his controversial stint at BBB 21, arrives on the streaming service on April 29.

The rapper was eliminated from the reality show in February, with 99.17%, the biggest rejection in the program’s history.

BBB participation

Since his first week in reality, Conká has already caused several controversies. During her participation in the game, the singer was severely criticized for her attitudes and comments towards other people in the house, especially Lucas Penteado, Juliette Freire, Arcrebiano and Carla Díaz.

In view of her questionable behaviors, the rapper’s image became increasingly negative out here. Both the public and other artists spoke out against her attitudes.

With that, Conká was losing followers on Instagram and some contracts. The Rec-Beat Festival canceled the singer’s performance at the event, even though the concert was recorded before the confinement. Her GNT YouTube program, Prazer Feminino, was also canceled.

After BBB 21 left, Karol Conká took advantage of her participation in several Globo programs to apologize for her mistakes and attitudes. According to the rapper, she was immersed in pride, evaluating her attitudes as depressing and disturbing.

Life After Tombo arrives at Globoplay on April 29.



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