Lies of P: Dark Souls-Style Pinocchio Tale Announced


Lies of P: The independent developer Round8 Studio announced on Wednesday (19) that Lies of P, souls-like that reimagines the universe of Pinocchio, will be released for PC and next generation consoles.

In Lies of P, players will take on the role of Pinocchio, a living doll that was abandoned at a train station in the gloomy city of Krat, set in a Belle Époque worthy of the biggest nightmares. Upon waking up, the protagonist finds only a letter with the message “find Mr. Geppetto. He’s in this city”.

As in the classic souls-like games, the game will have RPG mechanics and action with intense and strategic combats, in addition to the possibility of coupling equipment and weapons in the doll structure, which can be combined to generate more powerful accessories and with different gameplay approaches. .

The title will also feature an intense and interactive narrative where the choices and dialogues will determine the course of the missions, with each lie being counted to reproduce multiple endings. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Lies of P will be released for PS5, Xbox Series S / X and PC (Stadia and Steam), with no date yet.


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