Lies of P Can Revolutionize the Best Sekiro Mechanics


Developer and publisher Neowiz have recently been very active when it comes to demonstrating the upcoming Lies of P, which initially gained fame on the web for looking like an independent response to Bloodborne. However, judging by the appearance of the secondary weapons shown in the recent Lies of P gameplay, there may be another FromSoftware name that could be a great source of inspiration.

In particular, it’s the intense battle of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, from which Lies of P seems to draw a secondary weapon that can be used in every fight. While it seems that Lies of P will have a wider build choice with the main weapon, the Legion weapon seems to be closely related to the prosthetic arm in the Axe.

What the prosthetic arm brought to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro fans often note the intense combat and rhythmic parry system as the highlights of the game. However, some of the criticisms often leveled against the game are due to the fact that it abandons FromSoftware’s tendency to build diversity in exchange for better combat design using the Sekiro katana. Thus, in contrast to this criticism, it is worth taking a look at the prosthetic arm, which gives players the opportunity to mix and match secondary weapons collected throughout the game.

This design initially introduces players to the Axe hook, but eventually gives players the opportunity to use various tools such as fireworks, a shield, and even an axe that can break the defense. Each of these tools not only has a direct application against specific enemies, but can also be transformed into a more general assembly capable of dealing damage, blocking or stunning any enemy. In this regard, the prosthetic arm in the Axe can compensate for the lack of assembly diversity that the rest of the fight suffers from. However, the requirement to use consumable spirit emblems for prosthetic arm tools and the need for the katana to do the most damage ensures that the game is much less flexible than other FromSoftware games.

What the Legion’s weapons seem to bring to the lie P

From what has been shown in the gameplay of Lies of P so far, it seems that the Legion Arms weapon goes beyond the more general combat inspiration of Bloodborne, encapsulating more than just firearms. Instead, the Legion Hand is the name of a mechanical device that has completely replaced the player character’s left hand and contains a whole set of tools. It seems that this is almost a direct response to the Prosthetic Arm of the Axe, and one of the first options for the tool is the type of hook that can attract the player to enemies and vice versa.

As a result, Lies of P will bring the tool that has become popular in Sekiro into a fight that is much closer to the faster and more hyperaggressive Bloodborne style. Naturally, as with Sekiro, this Legion Arm weapon can only bring extra depth to the combat that was more common in the Bloodborne contraption weapon rather than its usual firearms. So in a way, it seems like Lies of P can combine the best parts of both FromSoftware games together to give the indie game more depth than many of its AAA masterminds.

How Legion Arms can Develop a Prosthetic Arm

As mentioned earlier, the prosthetic arm was the main source of assembly diversity in Sekiro, offering more customization than the more general system of levels and skill points. Thus, bringing this level of customization to the second hand on top of an already interchangeable primary weapon can provide the player with a wide choice when it comes to engaging in combat. This may push Lies of P to become something more than just the next Bloodborne or even another developer’s view of the Sekiro combat system, but rather a combination of both.

However, there is one improvement that fans can see in some gameplay footage that has already been released from Lies of P. The fact is that the Legion’s Weapons do not share the limitations of the Spiritual Emblems that existed for the Prosthetic Arm in the Axe, replenishing them during rest, and not requiring consumable and non-replenishable currency. Replenishing the energy of this tool, such as the Estus Flask in Dark Souls, gives players the freedom to experiment with various Legion Arms gear and burn their use of tools without worrying about farming after several boss attempts.

Using this top-up tool in itself is a noticeable improvement over both FromSoftware games, which seem to be most closely related to Lies of P. Given that Bloodborne firearms also complicate experiments by requiring the use of consumable mercury bullets, this add-on copes to handle complaints from multiple games. What is most impressive is that there are still various models of Legion Arms themselves, and the ways in which each of them can improve the gameplay.


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