Lidl will sell its hydroalcoholic gel dispenser soon!


In the coming days, the supermarket chain Lidl will launch its own distributor of low-cost hydroalcoholic gel.

As of Monday, March 1, the supermarket chain Lidl will put on sale a dispenser of hydroalcoholic gel in all its stores.

You no longer cross the threshold of a room without washing your hands with hydroalcoholic gel, do you? Indeed, all stores ask you to brush them with products before entering.

So, Lidl had an idea: to sell its own dispenser of hydroalcoholic gel. Thus, this is what our colleagues from Planet have just revealed on Monday, February 22.

So the supermarket chain will soon offer its customers an automatic gel dispenser. Can’t you see the use? We explain to you.

You go home, but you just took the metro and you hit one of the barriers. So you feel the urge to wash all ten fingers before you touch anything in your house.

Problem, your tube of hydroalcoholic gel is at the bottom of your bag. And you can’t access the bathroom because a family member is occupying it.

So, Lidl has created a dispenser that you can place at the entrance. No sooner have you walked through the door than you can immediately clean your hands and get rid of bacteria. Isn’t that great?

Lidl will soon sell its own hydroalcoholic gel dispenser


In addition, the Lidl group has thought of everything. Indeed, this device, from the Silvercrest brand, is a three in one. In short, it can contain liquid soap, dish soap, or disinfectant gel.

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If you don’t want to use it for hydroalcoholic gel, you can still use it for other products! Besides, both of you won’t have to touch the device.

So you just have to place your hands under the dispenser and the product will drain on its own. So this helps ensure a maximum level of hygiene.

And if that weren’t enough, the dispenser also has an LCD screen. You don’t know what it is for? On Lidl’s catalog, it’s all explained!

Therefore, this screen displays “the filling level and the amount used”. Convenient, isn’t it? At least there is no mess! And of course, the device is guaranteed for three years.

So, at what price will it be available? In all stores, you can find it for € 9.99, instead of € 12.99. This is a real deal! Thus, it will go on sale from Monday March 1.

Will you be tempted by this great device? One thing is certain, it is that the chain of supermarkets still markets products as useful as each other. This is evidenced by its latest flagship product: a low-cost food processor.


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