Lidl will sell connected devices cheaply for the first time!


From February 1 a new range arrives at Lidl. And these are connected devices to get you started in home automation at home.

Lidl is positioned as a giant in cheaper products of very good quality! We think for example of the Silvercrest, much cheaper than its competitor the Thermomix. But from next month, the brand will release connected devices!

And as usual, madness will take hold of the brand’s stores. And we can understand it: this is a really good plan. From February 1, connected devices will be on the shelves. At only ten euros! Yes you are not dreaming.

But which products are affected? Lidl is thus embarking on home automation. We can therefore find connected bulbs and many other accessories for the home at low prices. All will be on sale at a price ranging from 8 to 40 euros.

But stronger: Lidl is releasing an application to control these everyday objects. Thanks to Lidl Home you can therefore turn off the light or turn on certain connected objects. For example, you can buy a connected plug for only 9.99 euros.


This socket is used to control objects plugged into it from a distance. Convenient when you forget the light. A ceramic fan heater that uses Wi-Fi will also be on sale for just $ 39.99. The most expensive device on Lidl’s shelves.

And all these new objects can be controlled thanks to a home automation plot, also available at Lidl for only 19.99 euros. So for those who want to use home automation at a lower cost. Lidl has it all for you!

These objects can also be ordered by voice assistants from Google or Amazon. So, from next month, all these objects will arrive in France. You should know that in Belgium but also in Switzerland, this range is a real success. Case to be continued.


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