Lidl will revolutionize our homes by making them smarter!


Lild offers you to make your homes smart with a selection of products at discounted prices! We reveal everything to you.

Lidl promises to make our homes smarter with its upcoming novelties!

If the idea of ​​a smart home is your dream, then this article is for you! Indeed, the German distribution chain is preparing a nice surprise for its customers. Eh yes !

And it’s coming soon! From February 1, you will be able to find a new range of products to make your home smarter. We love !

In addition, Lidlt promises, as always, to cut the prices! It must be said that it has become his trademark.

And that’s probably what allows it to attract so many customers. This time around, Lidl will therefore offer a selection of products to make its home smarter.

Thus, the customers of the German giant will be able to afford a home automation gateway for only 19.99 euros! This device is controlled by your phone. Eh yes !

Thus, you will be able to control your Smart Home devices and know their status in real time. For example, you can check if you left your lights on! It’s handy.

In fact, for connected lights, the store plans to sell a connected LED strip for 17.99 euros. Or a connected LED bulb at 7.99 euros. But also, another connected RGB LED bulb at only 9.99 euros!

What to have fun! We are therefore eager to discover all these novelties on the shelves from next week.


So, Lidl promises to revolutionize our home by making it smarter. Eh yes ! And obviously he thought of several essential connected objects. Without surprise.

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You can therefore get a ceramic fan heater with direct Wi-Fi. The latter will also be sold at only 39.99 euros! Unbelievable.

It also has an interesting advantage. You will not need the Home Automation Gateway to control this device. Which is pretty good news.

Lidl also plans to sell a connected outlet for 9.99 euros! This will allow you to integrate your electrical devices into the Lidl Smart Home universe.

Moreover, this electrical outlet offers you many features. Yes, you will indeed have access to several timer programs, for example.

There is also a countdown function. In short, the store promises to make your home smart.

But these devices are already available from its competitors. Indeed, it is a real trend to have a connected home. And it has been for some time now. Eh yes !

But once again, the secret of the German firm is hidden in its slashed prices. Thus, our dream of a connected home becomes much more accessible. We love !

It remains to be seen whether the quality will be there. Eh yes ! To find out, you will have to go to the shelves to get the novelties from February 1. Stay tuned, up close.


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