Lidl: This Product Will Make You Feel Like A Real Hollywood Diva!


Lidl unveils its all new LED light up makeup mirror and will make you feel like a true Hollywood diva!

Lidl is launching a brand new product at a mini price that will make you feel like a Hollywood diva! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.


Good news for beauty addicts! Lidl is already making the buzz with its brand new mirror that will delight you.

And for good reason … You’ve surely seen a mirror like this before Hollywood or Broadway stars, right?

You know, one of those that has a light around it and has three rooms where you can see the sides of the face as well. A gadget that you can now also find on Lidl!

All to make you feel like a real movie or theater star. The best, right?

You already know that the German multinational, in addition to food-related products, also sells items that offer us daily solutions that make our lives easier. Gadgets that have a high quality in their construction and materials.

But that’s not all ! Lidl also offers very low prices.

The latest novelty is no exception to the rule! Indeed, the make-up mirror in the Home section of the Livarno Home brand is already unanimous.

His price ? Only 16.99 euros!

Currently available on the German multinational’s website, you will also need to add 3.99 euros for shipping costs. Otherwise, you can wait until October 21st.

And yes, this mirror will be available in stores from that date! Awesome, isn’t it?


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