Lidl: the new store facades are driving Internet users crazy!


Lidl is getting a makeover with its new stores! In short, enough to panic the Web, which did not expect at all such a makeover …

Well… Lidl, that has changed! Indeed, discount stores are surfing on their new brand image, which is less “cheap” than in the past. What has something to amuse the Web and to make react in short. “We’re wrong, boss.”

It is not what it used to be. Some people don’t have a great memory of Lidl stores. In the past, the Discount chain did not show off the image of brand new stores like they do today.

Entering a Lidl was then synonymous with precariousness, with sometimes unsanitary premises. However, the German brand seems determined to want to change the situation.

Never mind, the premises have changed, from the facade to the interior. We are witnessing a real “glow-up” of the firm as the Web says so well.

On Twitter, photos abound to show us before and after shops in France. As much to tell you that everyone went there with their little comment.

So everyone reacted to this makeover by Lidl, which has taken hold everywhere in recent years. Proof that the hard-discount giant has not said its last word, far from it.


So Lidl is giving itself a second youth, what am I saying, a makeover, a good wipe up. You only have to look at the before and after photos to realize the change.

This coincides with the current policy of the channel, which is keen to remake its identity. In recent years, the giant has faced stiff competition and defies all competition.

We have seen it imitate genius products, such as AirPods or the Thermomix. Imitations which of course sometimes earned him lawsuits …

At the same time, the discounter also plays fashion gurus by imposing accessories that are at the very least unusual. Like these sneakers for less than 15 euros or his pairs of socks gone like hot cakes.

We are therefore really dealing with a mastodon who wants to be on all fronts. On the market since 1930, the German therefore wanted to improve its image a little by offering itself brand new stores.

A recipe that works, given that Internet users have been talking about Lidl constantly lately. “Lidl they have more glow-up than some people,” said a Twitter recently.

Yellowish tiling, a facade worthy of an industrial zone, austere displays … We can tell ourselves: the old discount stores did not really make you want to go there and yet …

“The new Lidls are seriously stylish, but when I see the photos of the old Lidl, I don’t know why it makes me nostalgic,” said another user in the face of this “glow-up”.


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