Lidl: The brand decides to get involved in related products!


Beware of out of stock, Lidl is tackling connected products! The German brand will try to connect your entire home …

So Lidl doesn’t stop anymore! While the brand has clearly restored its image with new ideas and new concepts, it is targeting new consumers … and is therefore launching into the sale of connected products!

Because the German firm has managed to find a good vein: low prices. We remember their automatic cooker, much lower than the market. But the business doesn’t end there. She also sells everything needed to equip a kitchen.

Low prices, quality, diversification: Lidl begins to expand an empire over Europe. Because France sees many products arriving. But they already exist in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. So they are about to arrive here!

Next bet of the German group: home automation. In other words, connected products are likely to invade shelves (and then homes) in a very short time. Because the tests have worked very well in Belgium and Switzerland.

Lidl therefore intends to sell everything it takes to manage his home from his smartphone. At a low price, of course… But the brand goes further. In addition to connected products, she also sets up her app, created to manage everything in the house.

The brand is therefore striking a blow: it is attacking the tech market by slashing prices. It remains to know the quality of the products offered. But, on this subject too, the creators have made a lot of efforts to show great progress.


The blue and yellow sign is therefore preparing to invade homes. But not just any way! Everything will be connected to the same app. And from the sockets to the lamps, everything can be activated without even moving from the sofa.

With “Lidl Smart Home”, the house therefore becomes intelligent. The app can be used to activate, for example, a power strip with three sockets and four USB ports. Each port is managed individually with the app …

But that’s only the beginning of the series, that stores start on March 1! A led wall lamp will also be available. To activate, the smartphone is enough, once again … Efficient, easy, inexpensive: the range is therefore likely to be a hit.

The lamp, for example, will be sold for less than 30 euros in Lidl stores. The power strip will cost less than 20 euros. Enough to bring connected objects to modest homes without spending too much money!

Last little charm asset prepared by the German firm, the app. As we have already said, it will enable everything to be activated, to control everything … But it will above all be receptive to the voice of its user! Enough to manage a connected home to the end!


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