Lidl: Silvercrest bagless vacuum cleaner at a low price!


Lidl has therefore not finished surprising us with its offers of all kinds. This time his Silvercrest brand is launching a vacuum cleaner at a low price.

Once again, Lidl offers a cut-price alternative to flagship products from big brands. In fact, this time around, he’s attacking the Dyson brand with a vacuum that has nothing to envy him. All in all, enough to thrill the competition. A good deal to shop at the discount giant.

So Lidl hasn’t said his last word: as always, he’s making offers that will make anyone green with envy. For years now, even decades, the giant has been able to offer prices that defy all competition.

We can say that the German is the real giant of hard discount, and that is not for nothing. It offers low-cost offers for many of the products we know.

Starting with Apple products, with imitations of Air Pods and its connected watch for example. But that’s not all, far from it.

On the food side, the giant also wants to compete with Ferrero, offering cookies filled with spread. Nutella therefore has nothing to do with it!

King of imitation, Lidl this time reproduces a famous bagless vacuum cleaner: that of Dyson. If the design looks like a copy / paste, then this is what this appliance car is worth.


Well, Lidl has been very busy with this bagless vacuum. This one offers to help you clean all your surfaces, for a brand new apartment.

Starting with parquet and carpets … In terms of price, it has nothing to envy that of the famous brand: Dyson. As proof, it is only worth a few tens of euros!

Once again, it is Silvercrest, the flagship brand of the discounter that offers this alternative. It is a compact vacuum cleaner that offers comfortable ergonomics.

When you checkout, you won’t have to shell out crazy sums. This one will only cost you 80 euros, which is much cheaper than its competitor.

As a reminder, Dyson offers vacuum cleaners of this kind at more than 100 euros. The simplest device will cost you around 119 euros, for example, and these prices can go up to 300 or even 400 euros!

However, some will favor quality: Dyson does not have to worry about that anymore. But for smaller purses, we can say that Lidl arises as an alternative of choice.

In addition, this vacuum cleaner has 130 watts of power and 25 minutes of battery life in Turbo mode. This is not negligible for an appliance of this size.

It remains to be seen whether Silvercrest will not attract the wrath of its rival, as it did with Thermomix. The latter really wants to put him on trial for plagiarism!


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