Lidl monopolizes the “hard discount” market in Germany!


Lidl and Aldi are the giants of hard discount. But the Mere store is trying to establish itself little by little in Europe, starting with Germany.

Lidl and Aldi are the kings of hard discount in Germany. So when another brand hits the market, it doesn’t last long against the two giants. The name ? Torgservis, a Russian firm that tries to emulate the other two with no real success for the moment.

It must be said that Lidl is doing everything to diversify its products and make them very inexpensive for its customers. Not long ago, the brand released an air purifier for only 50 euros. Another project was to bring out all home automation devices at a lower cost.

So, two years ago, Torgservis set up in Germany. And this one was called “Russian Aldi” by the media. It must be said that the system is basically the same. At first, the brand aroused great interest among locals. But it didn’t last.

It must be said that 40% of food is sold in low-cost chains like Aldi and Lidl. The arrival of this new hard discount giant was therefore very popular when it arrived. The first store was in Leipzig in 2019. And when it opened, there was an impressive crowd.

The Mere store does not make fresh products. There, you can find canned products like pickles or canned sausages. In comparison, Lidl or Aldi do sell fruits and vegetables for example.


On the other hand, Mere, from the Torgservis group, manages to have the lowest prices on the market. It must be said that there are not many employees in the stores so the prices are much lower. Hence their slogan “the lowest prices every day”.

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Two years ago there were so many people in the Leipzig store that they had to close for a while because they did not have enough supplies. The Russian giant is forecasting around 100 stores in Germany by 2021.

But this figure is far from being reached. Since then, they have only opened 6 stores in the country and employ 90 people. Nothing to compete with Lidl or Aldi. It must be said that Mere does not have sufficient stock funds to satisfy all the customers.

According to some experts, Mere has a good place in the hard discount. Because Lidl, gradually changes customers. The brand is moving towards organic and luxury products in addition to inexpensive products. Hard discount would therefore always have its place.

“To compete with Lidl and Aldi, you have to be able to achieve much larger sales volumes.” The solution would therefore be to stock up in order to attract more people and finally succeed in opening new stores.


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