Lidl kicks hard with a new food processor for a low price!


After the holidays, Lidl fills the kitchens of the French! The brand releases a battery of household appliances at a low price … Easy and efficient.

Lidl therefore wants to hit hard from the start of the year! The brand is indeed seeking to invest in the interior of all French people … It will therefore launch several ranges, including one to put in the kitchen!

Because the brand seeks to diversify. It will therefore launch a whole connected range, to be able to control the whole house from the living room. But before that, the first novelties arrive in January!

Lidl promises kitchen machines at low cost… A whole range for cooking and cooking, at less than 25 euros: such will be the bet of the German brand. But she doesn’t tackle just anything!

Among the products on offer, the French should find the detox deposit after the holidays: the smoothie blender. Indispensable in an attempt to eliminate toxins, it arrives on the shelves …

But Lidl especially tries to drown the competition with this product. Because the brand intends to sell it for less than 20 euros! A real perf, while the blender is often around 30-40 euros …


But in the middle of this range, a lot of French people could find themselves with kitchen essentials. Thus, the brand intends to sell a rice cooker for around 17 euros.

The aim of the range: to remain simple and efficient at a low price. Lidl is therefore tackling household essentials. Steamer, juicer: everything will be less than 25 euros.

But the maker doesn’t just tackle “big” kitchen items. He also plans to sell everything he needs: cutting boards, cooler bags, lunch boxes… And every item for less than ten euros.

Lidl therefore wants to send a message from January: the attractive prices for the necessary items will be there for the whole of 2021. It remains to be seen whether, like their new products for 2020, everything will be sold out!


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