Lidl is about to launch its own inexpensive bread maker!


Lidl has been very successful for several years and attracts customers with its low prices. Large retailers will soon release a bread machine.

Lidl is going to hit hard with the release of a brand new appliance. Supermarkets are about to release a really inexpensive bread maker.

Lidl knows how to attract its customers. The brand has enjoyed immense success for several years in France. It offers many products at low prices, whether in terms of food or household appliances. Something to please everyone and the supermarket is creating a buzz.

In 2019, the brand released its Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot cooker. This tool had attracted many cooking fans and had known a big hit. It was at a reasonable price that customers were able to get hold of this electro. Since then, the chain has done everything possible to continue on this path.

Lidl has become a staple and has become a popular supermarket in France. So much so that the franchise has launched sneakers with his effigy around 13 euros. Again, fans had flocked to the hard-discount store to get them. These sneakers are selling for a lot of money on the internet today.

This is a new product that the brand will be talking about in a few days. She has decided to tackle the world of cooking once again with a new product. Customers will be snapping up the next revolutionary bread maker!


Everyone dreams of making bread at home. Especially in this period of Covid when it is good to spend time in the kitchen and offer good meals to those close to them. So, why not try making your own bread? A nice soft bread, straight out of the SilverCrest bread maker.

Lidl will thus release this quality bread machine around 50 euros. Basically, this one is worth hundreds of dollars, Planet explains. In addition to being able to bake very good bread, customers can make pizza dough or even sweet pasta. It will therefore quickly become essential in your kitchen.

The SilverCrest breadmaker contains a total of 16 programs. Then, according to Planet, the machine would have “a heating power of 800 Watts”. This high-tech object is also very autonomous since it is possible to program it. Result, hot bread for family breakfast!

However, we will have to act quickly to get this bread machine. Lidl will only offer a certain stock, so there won’t be something for everyone. First come, first served, and you’ll have to be very responsive. In any case, the hard-discount is still strong with this new low-cost offer. It is the budding cooks who will be delighted for spring.


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