Lidl is a hit with this inexpensive moisturizer!


Lidl is putting its moisturizers back on the shelves. For the greatest pleasure of all! Especially since the prices are really very low!

Lidl has a knack for turning expensive products into affordable products. After the robot cooker, the shoes here is the moisturizer. And this one is a huge hit in the brand’s stores. It must be said that she has it all.

If you want to buy a jar of it, don’t delay. They will soon be out of stock. It must be said that despite the low prices, the products remain of good quality. We think in particular of the imitation of the Thermomix by Silvercrest which is torn off every year.

But no one expected Lidl to release a line of cream. With donkey milk, this cream is for deep hydration. It would therefore correspond to the driest skin. Whether for the body but also for the face.

The brand releases several products to satisfy everyone. The name ? Cien Nature. A fairly well-known brand in the aesthetic field dedicated to Lidl stores. Once again, therefore, the mark does not fall off the mark.


So this is not the first time that these creams have been found on Lidl shelves. On Instagram, the brand announces the return of its pomegranate range. And the cream costs only 2.99 euros! An unbeatable price once again for the store.

” She is back !! You already know it and you loved it, our Cien Nature Grenade range will be in all our supermarkets again tomorrow. Will you be there? Lidl wrote on her Instagram account.

In the range you can therefore find a day cream, a night cream, a body cream but also a shower gel. Something for all tastes. In addition, the Lidl brand claims to be Vegan. A question ? Is she cruelty free? In any case, you will have something for your wallet.